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3 Awful Dating Behaviors Every Woman Should Leave in 2015
The Female Network hit the nail on the head with their recent article “3 Immature Dating Habits You Should Drop As You Get Older”. I am guilty of each of these habits and all I received afterwards were broken promises and false hopes. After being single for so long, I had to ask myself “What am I doing wrong?” That is when I realized that my way of thinking about dating was really flawed. I had been holding on to childish dating practices that were getting me nowhere fast. Read on to discover if you’ve adopted these pitiful routines as well. If so, please leave them in 2015.
  1. Thinking this guy is “The One”
    Sure, there’s such a thing as an “instant connection” or “chemistry.” He may be “just your type.” But if you’re still in the early stages of dating, it might be premature to assume the two of you are destined to be together for eternity. He “could be” might be a better way of thinking about it. If he shows promise, go for it, girl!

    2. Crying over unacknowledged text messages
    Honey, dating is a game. Some guys will intentionally not reply immediately (or at all) to your texts depending on how much they like (or dislike) you. It should be very clear to you from the very beginning that every date could be your last. There’s no guarantee that he’ll ask you out again. That’s just the heartbreaking reality of dating (sigh).

    On the other hand, him not texting back could actually be saving you from false hopes. He’s actually doing you a favor by sending you an early and indirect sign of rejection. But believe us when we say that there are good, decent guys out there who will not lead you on.

    3. Being too available
    It can give a guy the impression that you’re too eager to go on a date if you keep saying you’re free each time he asks you out. Guys like a good challenge, and are even more attracted when a woman shows she’s got other things going on in her life than being available 24/7 for him. Say yes sometimes, and no other times. Think of it this way; if he really liked you, you would know if he keeps persisting.

    These tips aren’t meant to discourage you from dating, but to give you a more realistic perspective of the dating game. True, there are real connections that can be built overnight. But keeping these things in mind, we hope you’ll learn to manage your expectations and save yourself a lot of unnecessary heartache. Enjoy mingling, just be yourself, and you’ll find your perfect match in due time.