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Rimpage Basketball Club is a 1-on-1 basketball league. Once you join, you can play anywhere. You use your smartphone to video record your matches and upload them to your online profile, which shows your record, rating, the city you represent and more. Fans and other league members can visit your profile and view, rate and comment on your performances.

League members compete on two circuits. The first is the General Circuit. Each time you play a match your rating goes up if you win and down if you lose. Your rating determines what class you’re in. There are 8 different classes and everyone starts out in the Provisional class, the lowest class.

You may play anyone you choose, but choose wisely. You don't get as many points for beating someone who has a lower rating than you. If they beat you, you lose a lot of points. Just the same, you get a lot more points for beating someone who has a higher rating than you. Hunt for the giants and you'll get more respect from the league. 

As you keep winning your rating keeps going up and you keep graduating to higher classes. Sani Veit is the highest class. You need a rating of at least 2500 to graduate to this class.

For more information on how to sign up and start playing. please click the logo above or below.

Sports Talk 1040 The Team


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Exceptional Service Career Training Center mission is to empower our students to better their lives and to contribute positively to the organizations and communities in which they work and live. We accomplish this by providing quality career training education with a "student-centered" focus that prepares them for careers in the healthcare field. We offer Medical Assistant classes, Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomy and CPR. For more information or to sign up for one of our classes, call 800-619-0114 or visit us at our website at


Exceptional Service Home Care Agency is an agency that focuses on helping seniors and individuals with their daily activities to promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment in their homes. 

For more information call us @ 919.309.9065 , 919.225.0538. Or visit us at

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